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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Glowing Skin - Holistic Skin Care

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Dermatologist - Skin and Hair Specialist - Dr Niketa - New Delhi
Getting glowing skin isn't rocket science. But it does require persistence. Very often the glow of the skin is misunderstood and widely misinterpreted, thanks to the advertising and media. A glowing skin in reality does not look like the computer enhanced faces that you see in the television and print advertisements! What you want in reality is a healthy skin that looks soft, supple, radiant and is free from tiredness, dullness and blemishes.
Here is a ‘Holistic Lifestyle’ to follow in order to ensure a healthy, glowing skin forever!

Skin care

Face wash – Wash your face with tepid or lukewarm water. Pick a face wash or cleanser that contains AHA – Glycolic for dry or mature skin and BHA – Salicylic for oily or combination skin. These AHA and BHA help to keep the dead cells gently exfoliated. The AHA keeps the cell renewal rate high and the BHA decreases the sebum production and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Moisturise - The moisture level in the skin affects the overall health of your skin. Sebum and hydration are two different things. Even oily skin needs an oil free moisturiser.  A well hydrated skin renews rapidly and absorbs the topically applied creams well.

Protect – The importance of a broad spectrum sunscreen can never be stressed enough. Wear it daily, even if you are indoors. Oily skins do well with a zinc based physical block which helps in keeping the acne under check. Use a tinted block if you like light coverage. Alternatively you can mix your favourite liquid makeup base with your sunscreen.

Replenish – The night time is great for regeneration and neutralizing any damage that happens in the day time. Choose your night routine especially well. Cleanse and tone your skin to get rid of all the makeup, dirt and grime. Cleansing and toning is especially important in oily and acne prone skin to reduce the bacterial load and pore clogging sebum.  Your night replenishing cream should contain Retinol and Glycolic if you have a mature skin. Salicylic or Tea tree oil based lotions work well for oily and acne prone skin. And pigmented skin requires ingredients like Lactic and Arbutin.

Scrub – A scrub is best done at the end of a warm shower. Limit it to once a week for 3-5minutes.  Pick a scrub with polyethylene beads if you have normal to dry skin. A scrub containing aluminium oxide crystals is more suited for oily skin. Avoid scrubbing acne prone skin during an acne flare and if it is sensitive from topical medical treatment.

Face masks – A scrub can be followed by a face mask application for 15-20 minutes. Thermal clay, Fuller’s earth and egg white masks are good for oily skin. Dry skin requires masks that have ingredients like honey, milk/ coconut cream, Vitamin E and Olive oil. Masks made from citrus fruits, berries and turmeric are good skin brighteners.

Water helps in detoxification. 6-8 glasses a day ensures adequate hydration. Antioxidants present in Green tea and colourful fresh fruits and veggies act as free radical scavengers. These prevent premature aging and hormonal and UV related pigmentation. 2-3 cups of green tea and 3 portions of fresh fruit/salad taken daily can do wonders for your skin. Snacking on a handful of nuts is another sure route to healthy skin and hair.

Exercise/ Meditation
The skin is a mirror of not only the external but also the internal environment of your body. Stress has no doubt become a way of life. A daily routine of a blissful 30 minute meditation can stabilize your rushed mind. A Cardio workout of your choice can sweat out the toxins and get the blood flowing to every closed capillary of your skin.

Beauty sleep
Your night snooze is called the ‘Beauty Sleep’ for a good reason. Your regenerative process is at its peak during this time. So keep those lights switched off from 11pm -6am and wake up to a Glowing You, within and in the skin!

Keep looking beautiful.
Dr Niketa
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Dermatologist - Skin and Hair Specialist - Dr Niketa - New Delhi