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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lip Augmentation

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Lip Augmentation - Dr Niketa - Dermatologist - New Delhi
Do you often look into the mirror and wish you had more luscious and kissable lips? Or wonder how you can prevent your lipstick from smudging off your aging lip-line? Voluptuous and defined lips can now be yours any time you wish. Within your lunch break and without breaking the bank! Thanks to an artistic procedure offered by your expert Cosmetic Dermatologist - Lip Augmentation.

The Choice
You can choose to have only your lip line enhanced, opt for volume enhancement or have a complete perioral rejuvenation for a more youthful appearance. What is important is to have realistic expectations and allow the doctor to give you an enhancement that complements your facial structure and body frame.

The Procedure
Lip augmentation is a fairly simple procedure requiring about 15-30  minutes in the Clinic.The procedure involves injection of hyaluronic gel into the lips to give them definition and volume. Hyaluronic is a natural component of our skin which keeps it plump and hydrated. It is available as pre filled syringes under various brand names. Restylane and Juvederm being pioneers. Both Restylane and Juvederm offer equally good results of lip enhancement. The procedure is performed under local anesthetic cover much similar to dental anesthesia. Newer sub brands of these prepackaged syringes are preloaded with the anesthetic agent making lip augmentation a much quicker and a virtually painless procedure.

Precaution and Post Care Instructions
As with any facial injectable procedure, it is important to discontinue the intake of oral vitamin E, fish oils, flax seeds and Asprin at least a week before the procedure. Regular activity can be resumed immediately after. However, there may be a slight bee stung appearance to the lips for a couple of hours. Kissing and manipulation needs to be avoided for two days and lip makeup can be worn after 12 hours. If you are having the enhancement done for any important social event, it is advisable to have the augmentation done a week in advance.

The Result
The resultant lip augmentation is very soft and natural. The results are expected to last for a year. If you liked the results you would consider having a touch up. 

Words of Wisdom
What is important is the experience and expertise of the injector. An experienced injector will be able to give you definition, pout and volume keeping your facial structure in mind. If you are in expert hands the procedure is painless and luscious kissable lips are yours in less than 15 minutes.

Keep looking beautiful.
Dr Niketa
dermatologist in delhi
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