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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dark Circles - Causes and Treatment

Treatment for Dark Circles - Dr Niketa's Skin Secrets, New Delhi.

'Twinkling eyes...' These expressive twins convey such emotion! They can light up your face or make a perfectly lit up face appear tired and drab. Dark circles can make you look surprisingly older than you actually are.

Dark circles are medically known as Periorbital Melanosis. The causes and exacerbating factors are many. Some of the reversible and lifestyle related factors are lack of sleep, stress, anxiety and late nights. Low haemoglobin level and thyroid disorders are the are also associated with dark circles. Sometimes dark circles can occur due to low grade hypersensitivity to eye make up. In some cases it may be a sign of Atopy and Allergic Rhinitis or Sinusitis. While in others it may be a continuation of  the physiologic Pigmentary Demarcation Lines. A lot of factors responsible for dark circles may not be correctable. Hereditary factors, chronic ill health, medications, vision disturbances, strenuous visual work such as computers and reading may not be effectively controlled.  Yet identification and correction of the causative factors should always be given utmost importance.

For most individuals, dark circles can essentially be considered as a self inflicted chronic trauma. The eyelid skin is one of the thinnest skin of our body. This delicate skin is very richly supplied by millions of blood capillaries. Dark circles are caused by chronic micro blood leaks from these capillaries into the eyelid skin. Much like a bruise that leaves a blue-black stain on the skin. Imagine that happening on a slow, micro level inside the eyelids each day, every day! Another mechanism that may be causative is the actual thickening of eyelid skin and increased melanin. Any individual may be suffering from one or both of these.

Medical treatments of dark circle are therefore directed at:
Strengthening the eyelid skin via new collagen formation
Strengthening the capillary walls to prevent leaks
Clearing of the blood pigment (hemosiderin) trapped in the eyelid skin
Eliminating excess dead cells and melanin

In my practice, I love the challenge that dark circles pose. Once the cause is identified and addressed, the treatment usually takes around two months. I personally vouch by the 'Mesotherapy Eye Brightening' treatment protocol that I have developed and perfected over the past 3 years. The sessions are done weekly. Each session takes about 20 minutes in the clinic. And complete clearance or visible reduction is achieved by 8-10 weeks. These treatments are done in combination with Arginine peels, medicated creams containing Kojic and treatment of the underlying cause if any. 

My advice to all would be to follow a healthy lifestyle, have healthy food containing fresh fruits and salads, plenty of water, Green tea and most importantly get that 8 hour 'Beauty sleep'. If the dark circles are in the early red-purple phase, this would help in preventing them. Cool cucumber slices or cool tea bags placed on the eyes for 15 minutes each day may also help.

Many people have the impression that dark circles cannot be treated. I strongly disagree. But I do agree that dark circles can be very stubborn due to the multi factorial aetiology. Creams and home remedies can work on very early stages. But usually they are not of much help. However, the Synake B Serum and Obagi Professional Serum are good options to try. However these international pharmaceutical products are available only with select Dermatologists including myself.

If I were to suggest any treatment that definitely works on dark circles, it would be Mesotherapy. It is the fastest and most effective way of addressing Periorbital Melanosis.

Keep looking beautiful.
Dr Niketa
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