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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stem Cells - PRP - Hair Regrowth

hair regrowth
Hair Treatment - Dr Niketa - Dermatologist - Skin and Hair Specialist - New Delhi

With the increasing levels of stress and erratic lifestyles, hair loss is becoming an everyday concern for all. Men and women are affected alike and at an increasingly younger age.

Many patients who approach me for a solution to their hair loss have already tried home remedies, various shampoos, oils and salon treatments that make tall claims. The truth is that hair loss is always a sign of internal stress, hormonal activity and sometimes even serious health conditions. Many a times it is associated with conditions like Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or an undiagnosed thyroid disorder. Other common conditions related with hair fall include a low blood hemoglobin level and crash dieting. Chemical treatments such as Rebonding, Brazilian blowout and frequent styling with hot tools can also weaken the hair shaft and cause breakage.

While treating hair fall, it is very important to first identify the cause of hair fall and establish a medical diagnosis of the condition. Most common diagnoses encountered in medical practice are Telogen effluvium, Androgenetic alopecia, Structural damage from heat styling and chemical treatments and Alopecia areata. Treatments are fruitful only if they are directed at treating the specific cause.

Treating hair fall begins with a medical consultation and clinical examination. Rarely a scalp biopsy may be required. Once the diagnosis is established, the management of hair loss involves various forms of intensive treatments along with the required medication. It may take up to 2 months to gain control of the hair loss. Hair regrowth is generally noticed from second month onward.

In my opinion if you have hair fall that needs to be addressed, medical treatments in the form of Mesotherapy, Stem cell therapy and PRP therapy along with treatment of the underlying cause or health disorder are the things that work. Spending a fortune on salon treatments or experimenting with home remedies is not the solution if you are looking for a real answer.

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Hair Regrowth - Hair Treatment
Dr Niketa - Dermatologist - Skin and Hair Specialist - New Delhi