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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pigmentation Treatment in Indian Skin

Pigmentation Treatment - Dr Niketa's Skin Secrets, New Delhi.

It is said that the first impression we make on people is through our external appearance. Dark patches or spots occurring on the skin can indeed be confidence wreckers.  Many young executives who approach me for skin treatment complain that they often fail to create a strong impression at their work place and with their clients. 

Treating pigmentation  has always been one of my favourite challenges. Many doctors have accepted defeat in the fight against pigmentation. Patients are often told that pigmentation cannot be treated. But I like to put up a strong fight till every case of pigmentation is solved.

Pigmentation can be of many different types. In Indian skin the most common forms of pigmentation are Melasma, Tanning, Freckles and PIH. Other lesser common forms being Macular amyloidosis and Lichen planus pigmentosus. 

Melasma is also known as hormonal pigmentation or pregnancy induced pigmentation. It occurs as dark patches on the cheeks, nose upper lip and sometimes jaw line. Freckles are tiny dots of light or dark color scattered usually over the mid face. The most common form of pigmentation however is the tanning or unevenness of skin tone caused by exposure to sun or UV rays. PIH or post inflammatory hyper pigmentation occurs after acne and other kinds of local trauma. 

Whatever the cause of the pigmentation, its successful treatment depends on
1. Reducing the melanocyte activity 
2. Neutralizing pre formed melanin 
3. Accelerating elimination of cells containing melanin 
4. Preventing the causative factors to avoid recurrence 

One thing I can say from over a decade of experience is that pigmentation rarely responds well to topical creams and medications alone. But it responds fabulously to medical peel treatments and mesotherapy. At my clinic my constant endeavor is to offer the best treatments from the world over. Cheap and low quality peels with poor results are not for me. I like to see results, and I like to see them fast. 

The Melanostop peel from Mesoestetic, Spain and the Nomelan peel from Sesderma, USA are my current favourites. Not only because they are safe for Indian skin and tropical weather, but because results are evident from the first session itself. Both these peels are advanced synergistic combinations of medical ingredients. Treatment completion can be expected in about 2 months. These are the best peels that I have come across for treatment of pigmentation in Indian skin. 

If you are waging war against pigmentation, do not fight your battle armed with creams alone. Do not bother to make allies with cheap lesser known brands of medical peel treatments. You have to invest in the best treatments to get the best outcome. Bright, healthy, even toned skin can be yours as soon as you walk in for your Melanostop or Nomelan treatment. 

Keep looking beautiful