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Friday, August 24, 2012

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal - Dr Niketa's Skin Secrets, New Delhi
Tattoo Removal - Dr Niketa's Skin Secrets

Every time I see beautifully inked bodies, my heart wants to take the plunge! I find them fascinating. Each tattoo holds so much meaning. It may be symbolic of someone you love, a life changing event or who you are deep within. Tattoos are more than just body art. They are a commitment for a life time. But what does one do if a tattoo starts seeming like a mistake? When the very sight of it causes anguish and brings back painful memories? Until recently, there was no definitive method of tattoo removal apart from surgery. But thanks to Q switched lasers, tattoos that have lost their significance or seem like a mistake can now be removed completely.

The tattoo removal procedure is quick. The laser flashes feel slightly zappy and take only a few seconds. But repeated sessions are required at monthly intervals. Usually the darker colors such as black and indigo respond the fastest. And light colors such as reds and yellows respond slowly. Professional tattoos respond slower than amateur tattoos. After each session the treated tattoo looks white and fluffy. A brownish crust is expected to form on the treated area the next day as the healing begins. Within 7-10 days the scab falls off and the tattoo appears lighter.

Laser tattoo removal in Indian skin is best done with the Q switched Nd:Yag laser. For best results the laser machine should have both wavelengths i.e. 1064 nm to treat the darker colors and 532 nm to treat the lighter colours. The cost varies with the laser machine used, the size of the tattoo and the colors used. Tattoo removal attempted with low quality Nd:Yag lasers or with Intense Pulsed Light may be cheaper but require an infinite number of sessions and give unsatisfactory results.

The laser tattoo removal is a procedure that is to be done by a Cosmetic Dermatologist or a Cosmetic Surgeon only. In my practice I like to individualize the settings for each patient. I prefer the multi pass technique with minimum overlap and zero gap. This allows quick and complete clearance of the tattoo. 

Though tattoo removal is more expensive than having a tattoo made... I think I am finally going to get that tattoo that I have my heart set on! Coz if it ever feels like a mistake, I know it can be erased :-)

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