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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pigmentation and Dark Spots Treatment

Pigmentation treatment - Dr Niketa's Skin Secrets
Dermaceutic Depigmentation Treatment - Dr Niketa's Skin Secrets

Dealing with pigmentation can be frustrating for anyone. Dark patches and spots that occur during pregnancy, due to sun exposure or after acne feel like a mottled mask hiding your true beauty. With the busy and fast paced life that we lead today, many patients find it difficult to visit a Cosmetic Dermatologist regularly for skin treatments. Let alone bearing with the treatment related down time. Well, now I have just the answer for these busy bees - The Dermaceutic Spot Peel System by Dermosciences, Ireland.

What exactly is this peel?
The Dermaceutic Spot Peel is also fondly called the European Spot Peel. It is manufactured in France and has been available in Europe for over 20 years. The Spot Peel System contains the Spot Peel done in the doctor’s clinic and the Spot Cream used by the patient at home for 1 month. This Depigmenting System was created as an alternative to treatments containing hydroquinone.  It is a medium depth peel that is designed to address all types of pigmentation concerns with no down time and minimal visits to the Dermatologist’s clinic. It results in a blemish-free, smooth, beautiful complexion free from dark spots and patches.

What does this peel contain?
The Dermaceutic Spot Peel and Cream contains ingredients that reduce the hyperactivity of the pigment producing cells, boosts the skin renewal process and lighten pre existing pigment. The key ingredients of the Spot Peel and Spot Cream are Mandelic, Retinol, Salicylic, Idebenone and Embelca.

How is this peel different form the Nomelan peel?
The Nomelan peel by Sesderma, USA is a wonderful peel for pigmentation. But it does require sessions to be repeated once in 2 weeks for upto 3 months. Also, the Nomelan peel does have a slight downtime as compared to the Dermaceutic Spot System.

Description of a typical Dermaceutic Spot Peel session.
A session generally lasts 15-30 minutes and is made up of several steps. First the skin is cleaned with a special pre-peel cleanser. Then a mild keratolytic peel is applied to enhance the penetration of the Spot Peel. After that the Dermaceutic Spot Peel is applied all over the face with additional layers on the darker pigmented areas. A slight tingling sensation is expected on the skin during the procedure. Once this is done you can return home and wash your face 8-12 hours later.

What to expect after the session?
A mild rosiness and tightness of the skin is expected on the next day and a light peeling ensues generally from days 2-4. You will be using a special post peel moisturizer and a special sunscreen after the peel. There is no restriction to your normal activity and work schedule but steam and sauna need to be avoided. The Dermaceutic Spot Cream which is the complementary home treatment night cream is started from day 3.

The follow up visit...
The beauty of this treatment is in its high efficacy and safety with no down time and only once a month visit to the clinic. I usually like to see my patients back after a month to show me their beautiful, glowing, transformed skin and for further guidance on maintenance.

Keep looking beautiful
Dr Niketa
Dr Niketa, Cosmetic Dermatologist, New Delhi