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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Platelet Rich Plasma - PRP Treatment - Facts and Results

PRP Treatment
Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments - Dr Niketa - Dermatologist - Skin and Hair Specialist - New Delhi

Does PRP Treatment Really Work?

Until a year ago the question that I was being asked was, "what is PRP therapy? The question was being asked by patients and doctors alike. The query was but natural considering the fabulous results that were evident amongst those who had undergone the Platelet Rich Plasma treatment! But now with increasing number of procedures being performed, people are questioning the effectiveness of the PRP treatment.

Each week I am approached by patients who claim to have undergone the Platelet Rich Plasma treatment but have failed to see beneficial results. A detailed inquiry about the treatment most often reveals that these patients were treated under wrong protocols and some of them weren't even suitable candidates for the PRP treatment! 

PRP treatments are extremely effective if done correctly, for the right indications and to the right patients. Unfortunately, the treatment protocols are not standardized. Doctors should refrain from jumping on the PRP band wagon without thorough knowledge of the procedure, and patients must choose their treating Dermatologist wisely. In my opinion, the success of PRP therapy depends directly on the pre-treatment given to the patient, the method of harvesting and appropriate activation of the PRP. The method of injection should be specifically tailored according to the indication and the area involved. Mere collection of blood, centrifuging and application of the plasma is not a PRP treatment. The pre-requisite parameters are much more intricate than that.

The answer to the question 'does PRP therapy really work?' is fairly simple. "Yes, Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments do work", and they do so fabulously! My confidence stems from the number of patients that I have successfully treated over the years. In my practice I routinely perform platelet rich plasma treatments for various types of alopecia, scar repair and facial rejuvenation. Our blood contains platelets, which when activated release abundant of growth factors responsible for healing. PRP therapy is just a way of introducing these growth factors in a concentrated manner at the place which we intend to repair and rejuvenate. 

The results have been excellent in patients that I have treated till date.

Keep looking beautiful.
Dr Niketa
Platelet Rich Plasma- PRP treatment- New Delhi
Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment - PRP Treatment - Stem Cell Treatment
Dr Niketa - Dermatologist - Skin and Hair Specialist - New Delhi