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Monday, September 30, 2013

Botox - Crow's Feet

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Botox for Crow's Feet
What are Crow's feet lines?
Crow's feet are the wrinkles that occur at the outer corner of the eyes. Most commonly 3-4 lines start at the lateral canthus of the eye and radiate outwards resembling the foot of the Crow.

What causes Crow's feet?
The Crow's feet lines are formed by the Orbicularis occuli muscle which encircles the eye. With age the skin overlying the Orbicularis occuli becomes thin and the muscle becomes a little over active. This causes crumpling or scrunching of the overlying skin, visible to us as wrinkles.

At what age do Crow's feet lines appear?
Some lines or wrinkles usually become apparent at the corner of the eye around 33-35 years of age. A little earlier in those with a dry skin type and a little later in those with the oily skin type.

How do I make these lines disappear?
When you notice early lines and wrinkles on your skin, your first instinct is to buy anti wrinkle creams that claim to 'work like clinical treatments'. When these fail to show improvement in the wrinkles (which they always do); you consult your friends, cousins and maybe over friendly 'parlour aunty'. The best thing to do would be to consult a Cosmetic Dermatologist where you can discuss your skin problems and get clinically proven solutions. Botox has been proven as the single most effective treatment in getting rid of Crow's feet, Frown lines and forehead lines.

Are Botox injections safe?
Botox has already been approved by the US FDA for the treatment of frown lines, Crow's feet and hyperhidrosis. This treatment has proven its safety and efficacy over a decade of use and over a million safe and successful procedures all over the world. Crow's feet can be easily prevented and reversed with very small doses of Botox cosmetic.

Are Botox injections painful? How much time does a Botox treatment take?
Botox injections are painless as they are done under topical (cream) anesthesia and take less than 5 minutes. The results are seen in about 2-3 days and last for 3-6 months.

At what age should I start Botox treatment?
Botox treatment should start as soon as you notice lines. Whatever age you are, if you notice lines you may consult your Dermatologist and have the procedure if necessary. Botox does not work well on people above 60 yrs of age. It works best in preventing wrinkles if you are 28-35 years of age.

What is the cost of  a Botox treatment?
Contrary to the popular belief, Botox treatment is very affordable! The cost of Botox injection treatment for the crow's feet usually starts from Rs 5500 onwards at my clinic in Delhi.

Will I look frozen or will people be able to tell that I have had Botox?
Results are always beautiful, soft and natural. No one but you will know the secret of your ageless skin :-)

Keep looking beautiful
Dr Niketa
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