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Monday, September 30, 2013

Botox - Stop Sweating & Smell Fresh

botox sweating delhi
Freedom from Underarm Sweating with Botox Cosmetic 
What is hyperhidrosis?
Hyperhidrosis is a condition where excessive sweating of the palms, soles, underarms or any other part of the body causes social embarrassment. Usually this excessive sweating is triggered by stress or apprehension and made worse by hot and humid surroundings. People suffering from palmar hyperhidrosis start sweating profusely on the hands at the very thought of shaking hands with someone. They may have smudge marks on their paper work and may come across as shabby writers. Excessive sweating of feet makes them prone to fungal infections and foot odour. Underarm hyperhidrosis causes sweat stains and body odour that may ruin expensive clothes as well as self esteem!

Which is the safest and most effective treatment for hyperhidrosis?
Botox cosmetic is a safe and effective way to stop excessive sweating. The procedure requires just 15 minutes and results are long lasting, sometimes even upto a year. Botox is US FDA approved for treating hyperhidrosis.

excessive sweating delhi
Underarm Botox injections
How are botox injections done? 
The procedure begins with a starch-iodine test which requires 5-10 minutes. This test helps to determine the areas of maximum sweating. Next comes the application of the anesthetic cream on the areas to be injected. The cream is left in place for about 30 minutes to achieve topical anesthesia. Since the injections are done with a very tiny needle, many patients choose to skip this step and opt for ice application to keep them comfortable. The actual botox injection process requires only 15 minutes. 

Do I require rest after Botox treatment?
All botox injections, be it for wrinkles or hyperhidrosis are essentially lunch time procedures with zero down time. You can have the treatment and return to work immediately.

When are the Botox effects visible? 
The results start showing in 1-3 days in the form of reduced sweating. Complete effect is achieved in about 10-14 days. 

How often do I require to repeat the Botox injections?
When hyperhidrosis is treated with Botox the effect is usually long lasting. Repeat treatments are required only once in 8-12 months.

Who else can use Botox for underarms?
Botox treatment for the underarms is not just for those with excessive sweating. It is often done as a pre-bridal treatment to ensure sweat free underarms and stain free bridal couture. Many corporate head honchos also opt for the treatment to avoid sweat stains on their crisp and clean shirts. Many men and women are opting for this treatment as it makes their perfume smell better and last longer. It is also done to treat underarm darkening caused by the use of deodorants and perfumes. And of course it is done to rid body odour due to sweating. 

How much does a Botox hyperhidrosis treatment cost?
A typical session of underarm botox requires about 50 units in each underarm with a total dose amounting to about 100 units. Additional dosing is required for more severe cases. Cost varies from Rs 30000 onwards. Anything less than that is probably not the original Botox. The approximate cost of this treatment at my clinic in delhi starts from Rs 29500 onwards.

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